The Sconnie Adventures

Prologue 4
Willimac Merrymar

Alturiak 4, 1488 DR

                Willimac Merrymar did all he could not to swallow his tongue as the wet cloth was removed from his face. “Fill the bucket again,” yelled the man with cruel scar on his cheek. “I’m surprised he hasn’t drowned himself yet.”

                Looking at Willimac with his hate filled eye the man threatened to disembowel the small halfling if necessary. And once again the wet rag covered his face as the rush of water poured over him and drowning sensation brought him to a near blackout. They demanded to know who he was working for. What they didn’t believe was that there was no one.

                When Willimac was a young child his village was ransacked. His earliest memories were his father piercing the eye of one of the attacking elves. A dark brooding figure that spoke with arrogance. His father was no match for the elf’s magic, or the elf’s companion. A half-elf witch that used a wand to bring sheets of ice down on the village. She used it to send a ray of ice towards his father, which killed him instantly.

                With some miracle Willimac’s mother saved him and brought him to Phandalin to live with his aunt Qelline Alderleaf. His mother was ill from her wounds and would eventually pass away. As Willimac grew the pain of his early childhood led him to trouble. His sneaking and deception paid off and gained notice by the Redband, a roguish group that ran like a Mafia in Phandalin. Willimac was good at keeping himself hidden from the town, knowing the trouble it would cause his Aunt if he were caught. He mostly did jobs that scared off any potential militia forming, or sent adventuring groups looking for lost treasure in the Sword Mountains.

                Today was different though. He had betrayed the Redbands. He was to eliminate the pesky halfling farmer whose farm was boarding an area in which they entered and left their base of operations. This pesky farmer was his Aunt, and he had to choose his loyalties. The Redbands did not know his connection to Qelline but they were concerned that she was connected to the Harpers.

                When he failed his mission, he spun a poor lie to cover his identity and to protect his aunt. The Redbands had a new leader, a mage named Glasstaff. This is who ordered the torture of Willimac to determine who he was working for and who knew of their secret entrance. Glasstaff seemed paranoid as of recently.

                So Willimac didn’t have anyone he was connected to. His story was made up, but they took it to be believable enough to try to get more information out of him. Shep Piao looked at the scarred man Noem, and insisted they stop. “He doesn’t know anything. He nothing more than a street rat that we’ve used to scare others off. Even if someone convinced him to turn on us, what does he know that he would have told them?”

                After breaking his legs, they threw him out of the hideout. Shep snuck his body to the Shrine of Luck and left him there. The priestess Sister Garaele would find him that next morning hanging on to life. Attached to his cloak was a note instructing him to leave and to never show his face in Phandalin again.

                Garaele, with the blessings of Tymora brought him back to health. She didn’t question why he had come to her, but knew it was something his Aunt shouldn’t know about. Will nursing him to health she connected him to Gundren Rockseer, a dwarf that needed companionship back to Neverwinter. Gundren agreed to help her sneak him out of Phandalin.

Prologue 1
Malalen and Dulinelle

Tarsakh 30, 1467 DR

While in reverie, the Istavaira mage practiced the perfect timing of releasing the shield spell while in a duel with the high wizard of Academy of Magic. Just as the magical projectile flew at him the slam of this room door startled him into consciousness. With a groan, he realized his vile roommate Dralmorrer Borngray, had slammed the door.

There was no roommate comradery between these two, despite the decade of living so intimately. Dralmorrer had already extended his stay to build bonus point to get closer to the elf’s adopted sister, Fainauriel Sotalis.

Dralmorrer had already take his adult name and recently graduated from the academy. Though he had planned to return to his family in Evermeet, his life changed with the loss of this right eye in a dual with the swords instructor. His passion for the fight was only second to his desire to learn magic. He did not have the grace to join the school of Sword and Song, but didn’t stop his pursuit to balance magic with combat.

This evening had been uncomfortable for the roommates as they argued the valued lessons that a human mage, Tuckernuck Harpell, had provided about the magical shield versus the physical counterpart. Recently Dralmorrer has shown disgust to the human guest in Evereska and blamed the events of the Spellplague and the most recent Second Sundering on the humans that lacked the ability to maintain their control of the Weave.

It wasn’t a secret to the Istavaira mage that Dralmorrer will soon leave, it was just a matter of when. And this would be a relief to him as he was about to graduate from the academy himself, and his journey to Silverymoon would begin. With his twin sister, a practicing cleric, they always had the taste of adventure. The spires and crisp mountain air of the Greycloak hills were not the world they wanted to limited to. There were always more books to read elsewhere.

The Istavaira family also had a daughter, the twin of the mage, who spent much of her time at the Floating Gardens of Aerdrie Faenya, to learning the healing magic of Hanali Celanil, the goddess of romance, beauty, love and joy. Like her brother, she was in her last year of studies, though she found herself more in practice helping refugees from Myth Drannor, than in the books. The gardens allowed her a brief escape.

As she strolled this day she heard the whimpers of her sister, the adopted half-elf they nicknamed Talis. Talis was orphaned by the twin’s aunt that found the chaotic life of the humans to be more interesting than the structured life in Evereska. Their father was fond of his sister, and took an oath on her death bed to raise her daughter as he would his own. The Elders of Evereska had shunned the elf for her recklessness but the father of the twins followed the tenens of Hanali, and found that joy and love should protect all elven blood.

Talis struggled to find acceptance in the city of elves. She was always shorter and had little of the elven grace. She too looked to the teachings of Hanali as an escape, but very rarely found joy, love and romance. It was odd that she found compassion from Dralmorrer, but she knew inside he held the same repulsion of Evereska as she did.

The Istavaira cleric learned that Dralmorrer was going to leave Evereska soon, and didn’t want to bring Talis with him. His involvement in Eldreth Valuuthra, a cult of elves that sought the removal of humans in elven woods. Dralmorrer spoke of greater destruction of the human race. This was concerning to Talis, but she argued that he may be right considering it was her human blood that tainted her elven heritage.

The celebration of Greengrass was to begin as the twins had the opportunity to return to their family’s home. Instead of joy, it was distress as their mother was in tears and their father was screaming orders to the family servants.

Their house had been robbed overnight, and Talis was missing. Not only was she missing but so was her mother’s wand, one that could release the power of Winter at command. Most of the family’s wealth was also missing. The problem is that there were no signs of entry, or exit.

The Istavaira matron spoke the anger that Talis held as of recently, even lashing out at her. She said Talis allowed her human blood to control her emotions all too often.

Greengrass 1468

The last year had been stressful Istavaira family. They struggled to regain their wealth at the level before Talis’ disappearance. Their father had fallen in despair, as he felt he had failed his sister. He was there for the twins as they took the names of Malalen and Dulinelle. He and their mother new it would be soon that they would travel to Silverymoon. Luckily, they were to be accompanied by the Harpell mage and a squad of the Swords of Evereska, for the two-month journey.

While cleaning his room, and preparing for his journey Malalen stumbled up a small cache under Dralmorrer’s bed. Inside seemed to have nothing more than some notes on evocation spells, the school of magic Dralmorrer was most interested in. Then there was an odd flyer that spoke of a group that called themselves the Wearers of Purple. It spoke of cleansing Toril and that it is not the dead but the living that will retake the world. Malalen spent the next few days going the many books in the library which he knew spoke nothing of this group as he had read every book in Evereska.

There were more books in Silverymoon and more information that he could obtain beyond the spires and wall of Evereska. The twins knew their father’s health was not well as it wasn’t elven to know despair. They would finish their studies in Silverymoon and find more information on the Wearers of Purple.

Prologue 2
Ger Smelzlikpoo

Marpenoth 13, 1451

Once again Alanna preyed to Chauntea for a child. For years, she had been trying with failure, her partner had even preyed to Silvanus to be his replacement in her bed if need be. Though she only her silence internally, it was the cries of a child that would break her prayer.

She ran to the cries with has, and found an infant dwarf all alone aside from two moles that were following his trail. The infant had crawled 300 yards from the devastation that took appeared to take his family. All that remained were charred remains of the trade caravan, bodies of dwarves burnt to a crisp. It wasn’t hard to determine that his attack had come from above, something that the local orcs couldn’t do.

                Alanna, the priestess of Chauntae, would raise the infant with her husband for nearly two decades. They wondered many times if it wasn’t the plans of Silvanus or Chauntea that brought Ger to their home.  They named him Ger, because it was the first words he said after standing up to a small bear shortly after he had learned to walk. Ger would quickly learn the value of tilling the earth in the resourceful way of Chauntea and Silvanus. He also kept those ground moles as pets, and when they passed he mourned as deeply as someone would for a family member.

Ger woulld spend days digging into the ground with those moles, something that reminded Alanna that only a dwarf would. After raising him for 20 years, her and her husband knew there was little they could teach him. Dwarves had only laughed at his funny demeanor towards animals, and would only let him keep a few bears form sleep in their mine entrance. And their experience was to show him how to respect the crops they grew. Though they enjoyed watching him wrestle the pigs, even though he usually lost.

It would be recommended to them that they send him way to the South, to the Spirit Soaring. There was a dwarf that spoke to nature, but was as tough as any one-armed dwarf crawling in mines of Citadel Adbar. After the 6 years’ absence, he spoke mostly of the old man that constantly walked around cathedral never stopping. He admired his sacrifice and determination. It was time for him to find his spirit with nature. It was then the following year the Arch Druid would come to Alanna to visit. It was time for Ger to truly be one with nature, to live on his own, away from a home that was covered but one that was with nature.

                For the next 15 years Ger would live amongst the stars, learning from nature. He met other druids of the heartlands that would train him of the spirits of the ground, the air, the trees and the beasts. As he took control of this spirit, it was then he returned Alanna. Sadly her husband had passed, while Ger was away. His heart was heavy with guilt and decide he would take over the work on the fields, to help her mission to keep the grains for those that could not grow their own. He also learned that he like the taste of ale while training with Bouldershoulders, and these were great grains for that.

 Kythorn 4, 1488 DR

                Ger jumped for joy as he finally pinned that old boar Rasputin. Considering it was his first win in the last 100 matches, he wondered if the large pig had let him win. Alanna had a visitor this day, one that appeared in a hurry. All Ger knew was that he was an important member of the Emerald Enclave. Ger knew that Alanna was healthy enough for any assignment. She was graying and had taken a hard fall. After the meeting, she told Ger that it had been requested of her to find a druid way to the north. A 3-month journey near the very north of the world. The druid had been taking residence in the ruins of Thundertree. He had reported the interest that a group of soldiers wearing purple had in a local green dragon. He was concerned by the fact they didn’t seem interested in riding the forest of this menace but appeared to be offering it gifts.

Ger knew that she would not survive this trip and it was for him to finally give back all that he had taken. He looked at Rasputin, and demanded his loyalty to Alanna, and it seemed the boar understood with a groan and snort almost sounding like that of Ger.

Ger left the next day, first to Baldur's Gate to gain passage along the High Road along the Sword Coast.


Prologue 3

Kythorn 12, 1488 DR

                “I can do this anymore,” declared Ioryax as he stood up. “Everyone that has lived has left. To see what more this world has to offer.”

                It was just over a 2 years ago, that Velkkar Norixius had graduated top of his class. Before he was assigned to the Lancers, his interest in the ideas of good dragons brought him to the steps of the offices of the Platinum Cadre. He wasn’t sure about the stories of dragon born being the children of the dragon god Bahamut, but he was attuned to the idea not all dragons are evil.

                After being accepted and place in a special force, assigned by Vishva to find more rogue members of the Platinum Cadre that still followed the false truth of Nala. Nala, a priestess that once infiltrated the Platinum Cadre in the disguise of a cleric of Bahamut. Later it was discovered she was a priestess of Tiamat. This rogue group that still followed the ideal of Nala had escaped and travel West towards the Sword Coast.

                Velkkar and 5 members of the Platinum Cadre were to follow this group and discover more about their goals. Over the last year, the rogues had joined up with a group led by Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, a half-dragon. As Velkkar’s group infiltrated lair of Langdedrosa 2 of their members were killed by his greatsword. Proving to be a more formidable foe, Velkkar, Ioryax and Jarqull escaped to Baldur’s Gate. Jarqull was traumatized by the encounter and eventually gave into the underworld that Baldur’s Gate offered.

                Velkkar and Ioryax had learned that Tymanther had begun a full fledge war against Unther. While in Baldur’s Gate, the two warriors would have to do odd jobs to maintain funds to live. They had recently been approached by a member of the Emerald Enclave to escort one of their members North. Though going back to Tymanther was on their minds, they knew that the trip alone during the current war was beyond their skill. They had lost the trail on Langdedrosa, but this new offer seemed to have something in common with their own mission. There were recent talk of a Cult trying to gather groups of dragons. They had no other information but that they were to escort a young Druid north to a village called Phandalin.

                Velkkar and his stoic personality was determined to complete their mission. Ioryax had wanted to abandon it all. They were offered to take on an offer to join the Lord’s Alliance and to eventually join the Griffon Riders of Waterdeep. Ioryax had been part of the Tymanther Lancers prior to joining the Platinum Cadre, this was only a natural change with his experience.

                Now they stood in common room of the Blade and Stars, an inn located in the Southeast Baldur’s Gate. Iornax towered over their table and laid down a few coins to pay for his meal. “There’s enough for you too,” he offered in one last smile. “I hear he’s a smelly dwarf, not the smell of stone, but of dung.” He turned and left, his caravan to Waterdeep was to depart before midday.

 Eleint 11, 1488 DR

                Ger and Velkkar came up to the Stonehill Inn in Phandalin. Neither of them were completely sure what their next move would be, but they knew that they were down to the last of their coin. They were exhausted from their trip and decided to rest in something that didn’t move for once. They would continue their quest in the morning.

                Velkkar learned that Ger didn’t say much but was a good listener. He was odd and didn’t seem to quite understand the civilized world that Velkkar was used to. The noise of Watedeep bothered him and that was their only chance to truly stay in an inn and not sleep on a moving wagon the whole time they traveled. Honorably, Velkkar continued the march north with Ger as the smell was something that grows on you.

                Ger listened to the stories of the Tymanther academy, curious by the structured life of the dragonborn compared to his chaotic life with nature. The dragonborn was interesting as he spoke of good, while Ger had only learned of evil dragons that terrorized the good people of the forest and plains where he grew up. Ger could tell that Velkkar was brave, and a worthy companion for such a long trip to lands unknown to either of them.


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