The Sconnie Adventures

Prologue 4

Willimac Merrymar

Alturiak 4, 1488 DR

                Willimac Merrymar did all he could not to swallow his tongue as the wet cloth was removed from his face. “Fill the bucket again,” yelled the man with cruel scar on his cheek. “I’m surprised he hasn’t drowned himself yet.”

                Looking at Willimac with his hate filled eye the man threatened to disembowel the small halfling if necessary. And once again the wet rag covered his face as the rush of water poured over him and drowning sensation brought him to a near blackout. They demanded to know who he was working for. What they didn’t believe was that there was no one.

                When Willimac was a young child his village was ransacked. His earliest memories were his father piercing the eye of one of the attacking elves. A dark brooding figure that spoke with arrogance. His father was no match for the elf’s magic, or the elf’s companion. A half-elf witch that used a wand to bring sheets of ice down on the village. She used it to send a ray of ice towards his father, which killed him instantly.

                With some miracle Willimac’s mother saved him and brought him to Phandalin to live with his aunt Qelline Alderleaf. His mother was ill from her wounds and would eventually pass away. As Willimac grew the pain of his early childhood led him to trouble. His sneaking and deception paid off and gained notice by the Redband, a roguish group that ran like a Mafia in Phandalin. Willimac was good at keeping himself hidden from the town, knowing the trouble it would cause his Aunt if he were caught. He mostly did jobs that scared off any potential militia forming, or sent adventuring groups looking for lost treasure in the Sword Mountains.

                Today was different though. He had betrayed the Redbands. He was to eliminate the pesky halfling farmer whose farm was boarding an area in which they entered and left their base of operations. This pesky farmer was his Aunt, and he had to choose his loyalties. The Redbands did not know his connection to Qelline but they were concerned that she was connected to the Harpers.

                When he failed his mission, he spun a poor lie to cover his identity and to protect his aunt. The Redbands had a new leader, a mage named Glasstaff. This is who ordered the torture of Willimac to determine who he was working for and who knew of their secret entrance. Glasstaff seemed paranoid as of recently.

                So Willimac didn’t have anyone he was connected to. His story was made up, but they took it to be believable enough to try to get more information out of him. Shep Piao looked at the scarred man Noem, and insisted they stop. “He doesn’t know anything. He nothing more than a street rat that we’ve used to scare others off. Even if someone convinced him to turn on us, what does he know that he would have told them?”

                After breaking his legs, they threw him out of the hideout. Shep snuck his body to the Shrine of Luck and left him there. The priestess Sister Garaele would find him that next morning hanging on to life. Attached to his cloak was a note instructing him to leave and to never show his face in Phandalin again.

                Garaele, with the blessings of Tymora brought him back to health. She didn’t question why he had come to her, but knew it was something his Aunt shouldn’t know about. Will nursing him to health she connected him to Gundren Rockseer, a dwarf that needed companionship back to Neverwinter. Gundren agreed to help her sneak him out of Phandalin.



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