The Sconnie Adventures

Prologue 3


Kythorn 12, 1488 DR

                “I can do this anymore,” declared Ioryax as he stood up. “Everyone that has lived has left. To see what more this world has to offer.”

                It was just over a 2 years ago, that Velkkar Norixius had graduated top of his class. Before he was assigned to the Lancers, his interest in the ideas of good dragons brought him to the steps of the offices of the Platinum Cadre. He wasn’t sure about the stories of dragon born being the children of the dragon god Bahamut, but he was attuned to the idea not all dragons are evil.

                After being accepted and place in a special force, assigned by Vishva to find more rogue members of the Platinum Cadre that still followed the false truth of Nala. Nala, a priestess that once infiltrated the Platinum Cadre in the disguise of a cleric of Bahamut. Later it was discovered she was a priestess of Tiamat. This rogue group that still followed the ideal of Nala had escaped and travel West towards the Sword Coast.

                Velkkar and 5 members of the Platinum Cadre were to follow this group and discover more about their goals. Over the last year, the rogues had joined up with a group led by Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, a half-dragon. As Velkkar’s group infiltrated lair of Langdedrosa 2 of their members were killed by his greatsword. Proving to be a more formidable foe, Velkkar, Ioryax and Jarqull escaped to Baldur’s Gate. Jarqull was traumatized by the encounter and eventually gave into the underworld that Baldur’s Gate offered.

                Velkkar and Ioryax had learned that Tymanther had begun a full fledge war against Unther. While in Baldur’s Gate, the two warriors would have to do odd jobs to maintain funds to live. They had recently been approached by a member of the Emerald Enclave to escort one of their members North. Though going back to Tymanther was on their minds, they knew that the trip alone during the current war was beyond their skill. They had lost the trail on Langdedrosa, but this new offer seemed to have something in common with their own mission. There were recent talk of a Cult trying to gather groups of dragons. They had no other information but that they were to escort a young Druid north to a village called Phandalin.

                Velkkar and his stoic personality was determined to complete their mission. Ioryax had wanted to abandon it all. They were offered to take on an offer to join the Lord’s Alliance and to eventually join the Griffon Riders of Waterdeep. Ioryax had been part of the Tymanther Lancers prior to joining the Platinum Cadre, this was only a natural change with his experience.

                Now they stood in common room of the Blade and Stars, an inn located in the Southeast Baldur’s Gate. Iornax towered over their table and laid down a few coins to pay for his meal. “There’s enough for you too,” he offered in one last smile. “I hear he’s a smelly dwarf, not the smell of stone, but of dung.” He turned and left, his caravan to Waterdeep was to depart before midday.

 Eleint 11, 1488 DR

                Ger and Velkkar came up to the Stonehill Inn in Phandalin. Neither of them were completely sure what their next move would be, but they knew that they were down to the last of their coin. They were exhausted from their trip and decided to rest in something that didn’t move for once. They would continue their quest in the morning.

                Velkkar learned that Ger didn’t say much but was a good listener. He was odd and didn’t seem to quite understand the civilized world that Velkkar was used to. The noise of Watedeep bothered him and that was their only chance to truly stay in an inn and not sleep on a moving wagon the whole time they traveled. Honorably, Velkkar continued the march north with Ger as the smell was something that grows on you.

                Ger listened to the stories of the Tymanther academy, curious by the structured life of the dragonborn compared to his chaotic life with nature. The dragonborn was interesting as he spoke of good, while Ger had only learned of evil dragons that terrorized the good people of the forest and plains where he grew up. Ger could tell that Velkkar was brave, and a worthy companion for such a long trip to lands unknown to either of them.



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