The Sconnie Adventures

Prologue 2

Ger Smelzlikpoo

Marpenoth 13, 1451

Once again Alanna preyed to Chauntea for a child. For years, she had been trying with failure, her partner had even preyed to Silvanus to be his replacement in her bed if need be. Though she only her silence internally, it was the cries of a child that would break her prayer.

She ran to the cries with has, and found an infant dwarf all alone aside from two moles that were following his trail. The infant had crawled 300 yards from the devastation that took appeared to take his family. All that remained were charred remains of the trade caravan, bodies of dwarves burnt to a crisp. It wasn’t hard to determine that his attack had come from above, something that the local orcs couldn’t do.

                Alanna, the priestess of Chauntae, would raise the infant with her husband for nearly two decades. They wondered many times if it wasn’t the plans of Silvanus or Chauntea that brought Ger to their home.  They named him Ger, because it was the first words he said after standing up to a small bear shortly after he had learned to walk. Ger would quickly learn the value of tilling the earth in the resourceful way of Chauntea and Silvanus. He also kept those ground moles as pets, and when they passed he mourned as deeply as someone would for a family member.

Ger woulld spend days digging into the ground with those moles, something that reminded Alanna that only a dwarf would. After raising him for 20 years, her and her husband knew there was little they could teach him. Dwarves had only laughed at his funny demeanor towards animals, and would only let him keep a few bears form sleep in their mine entrance. And their experience was to show him how to respect the crops they grew. Though they enjoyed watching him wrestle the pigs, even though he usually lost.

It would be recommended to them that they send him way to the South, to the Spirit Soaring. There was a dwarf that spoke to nature, but was as tough as any one-armed dwarf crawling in mines of Citadel Adbar. After the 6 years’ absence, he spoke mostly of the old man that constantly walked around cathedral never stopping. He admired his sacrifice and determination. It was time for him to find his spirit with nature. It was then the following year the Arch Druid would come to Alanna to visit. It was time for Ger to truly be one with nature, to live on his own, away from a home that was covered but one that was with nature.

                For the next 15 years Ger would live amongst the stars, learning from nature. He met other druids of the heartlands that would train him of the spirits of the ground, the air, the trees and the beasts. As he took control of this spirit, it was then he returned Alanna. Sadly her husband had passed, while Ger was away. His heart was heavy with guilt and decide he would take over the work on the fields, to help her mission to keep the grains for those that could not grow their own. He also learned that he like the taste of ale while training with Bouldershoulders, and these were great grains for that.

 Kythorn 4, 1488 DR

                Ger jumped for joy as he finally pinned that old boar Rasputin. Considering it was his first win in the last 100 matches, he wondered if the large pig had let him win. Alanna had a visitor this day, one that appeared in a hurry. All Ger knew was that he was an important member of the Emerald Enclave. Ger knew that Alanna was healthy enough for any assignment. She was graying and had taken a hard fall. After the meeting, she told Ger that it had been requested of her to find a druid way to the north. A 3-month journey near the very north of the world. The druid had been taking residence in the ruins of Thundertree. He had reported the interest that a group of soldiers wearing purple had in a local green dragon. He was concerned by the fact they didn’t seem interested in riding the forest of this menace but appeared to be offering it gifts.

Ger knew that she would not survive this trip and it was for him to finally give back all that he had taken. He looked at Rasputin, and demanded his loyalty to Alanna, and it seemed the boar understood with a groan and snort almost sounding like that of Ger.

Ger left the next day, first to Baldur's Gate to gain passage along the High Road along the Sword Coast.




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