The Sconnie Adventures

Prologue 1

Malalen and Dulinelle

Tarsakh 30, 1467 DR

While in reverie, the Istavaira mage practiced the perfect timing of releasing the shield spell while in a duel with the high wizard of Academy of Magic. Just as the magical projectile flew at him the slam of this room door startled him into consciousness. With a groan, he realized his vile roommate Dralmorrer Borngray, had slammed the door.

There was no roommate comradery between these two, despite the decade of living so intimately. Dralmorrer had already extended his stay to build bonus point to get closer to the elf’s adopted sister, Fainauriel Sotalis.

Dralmorrer had already take his adult name and recently graduated from the academy. Though he had planned to return to his family in Evermeet, his life changed with the loss of this right eye in a dual with the swords instructor. His passion for the fight was only second to his desire to learn magic. He did not have the grace to join the school of Sword and Song, but didn’t stop his pursuit to balance magic with combat.

This evening had been uncomfortable for the roommates as they argued the valued lessons that a human mage, Tuckernuck Harpell, had provided about the magical shield versus the physical counterpart. Recently Dralmorrer has shown disgust to the human guest in Evereska and blamed the events of the Spellplague and the most recent Second Sundering on the humans that lacked the ability to maintain their control of the Weave.

It wasn’t a secret to the Istavaira mage that Dralmorrer will soon leave, it was just a matter of when. And this would be a relief to him as he was about to graduate from the academy himself, and his journey to Silverymoon would begin. With his twin sister, a practicing cleric, they always had the taste of adventure. The spires and crisp mountain air of the Greycloak hills were not the world they wanted to limited to. There were always more books to read elsewhere.

The Istavaira family also had a daughter, the twin of the mage, who spent much of her time at the Floating Gardens of Aerdrie Faenya, to learning the healing magic of Hanali Celanil, the goddess of romance, beauty, love and joy. Like her brother, she was in her last year of studies, though she found herself more in practice helping refugees from Myth Drannor, than in the books. The gardens allowed her a brief escape.

As she strolled this day she heard the whimpers of her sister, the adopted half-elf they nicknamed Talis. Talis was orphaned by the twin’s aunt that found the chaotic life of the humans to be more interesting than the structured life in Evereska. Their father was fond of his sister, and took an oath on her death bed to raise her daughter as he would his own. The Elders of Evereska had shunned the elf for her recklessness but the father of the twins followed the tenens of Hanali, and found that joy and love should protect all elven blood.

Talis struggled to find acceptance in the city of elves. She was always shorter and had little of the elven grace. She too looked to the teachings of Hanali as an escape, but very rarely found joy, love and romance. It was odd that she found compassion from Dralmorrer, but she knew inside he held the same repulsion of Evereska as she did.

The Istavaira cleric learned that Dralmorrer was going to leave Evereska soon, and didn’t want to bring Talis with him. His involvement in Eldreth Valuuthra, a cult of elves that sought the removal of humans in elven woods. Dralmorrer spoke of greater destruction of the human race. This was concerning to Talis, but she argued that he may be right considering it was her human blood that tainted her elven heritage.

The celebration of Greengrass was to begin as the twins had the opportunity to return to their family’s home. Instead of joy, it was distress as their mother was in tears and their father was screaming orders to the family servants.

Their house had been robbed overnight, and Talis was missing. Not only was she missing but so was her mother’s wand, one that could release the power of Winter at command. Most of the family’s wealth was also missing. The problem is that there were no signs of entry, or exit.

The Istavaira matron spoke the anger that Talis held as of recently, even lashing out at her. She said Talis allowed her human blood to control her emotions all too often.

Greengrass 1468

The last year had been stressful Istavaira family. They struggled to regain their wealth at the level before Talis’ disappearance. Their father had fallen in despair, as he felt he had failed his sister. He was there for the twins as they took the names of Malalen and Dulinelle. He and their mother new it would be soon that they would travel to Silverymoon. Luckily, they were to be accompanied by the Harpell mage and a squad of the Swords of Evereska, for the two-month journey.

While cleaning his room, and preparing for his journey Malalen stumbled up a small cache under Dralmorrer’s bed. Inside seemed to have nothing more than some notes on evocation spells, the school of magic Dralmorrer was most interested in. Then there was an odd flyer that spoke of a group that called themselves the Wearers of Purple. It spoke of cleansing Toril and that it is not the dead but the living that will retake the world. Malalen spent the next few days going the many books in the library which he knew spoke nothing of this group as he had read every book in Evereska.

There were more books in Silverymoon and more information that he could obtain beyond the spires and wall of Evereska. The twins knew their father’s health was not well as it wasn’t elven to know despair. They would finish their studies in Silverymoon and find more information on the Wearers of Purple.



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