In the years following the Sundering the Sword Coast felt as peaceful as it could have been in centuries. It is in these times that cities like Neverwinter and Waterdeep begin rebuilding. Trade lines are being reestablished alliances renegotiated. The peace can only last for so long before another faction will rise to bring chaos and destruction. It will take a new set of heroes to overcome these challenges and new enemies.

The Sconnie Adventures are the stories of these new heroes that have come together in the most unlikely manor to help reestablish a small town of Phandalin. Once a thriving mining town that prospered from a local mine, now lost. Phandalin has no law, no order, just the aptitude of a few local merchants trying to make the best of what they have. Phandalin's hope of prosperity lie on the sucess of the Rockseeker bothers. A trio of dwarves looking for the lost Wave Echo Caverns.

Can our party of heroes succeed. All while finding the links of a strange an mysterious organization growing along the Sword Coast.

Our Story

Act I


The Sconnie Adventures

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